Madame Alexander Holiday: Halloween Trick or Treats

Crisp fall air has been blowing in to many parts of the country and October is knocking on the door. With the change in the season comes many things including the holiday that is a favorite among many young and old alike, Halloween!

Wendy has taken the opportunity to dress up this year in quite a few outfits and make her way to Madame’s Dollhouse, but one of the most festive is Halloween Trick or Treats! This 8 inch Wendy doll has her auburn hair parted and then pulled up into high pigtails that are kept close to her head. Sweet bangs frame her face that is sweet as can be! Dotting her face are adorable freckles that dance across her cheeks.  Her bright blue eyes and red lips are attention grabbers and make Wendy all the more beautiful!

Digging through her extensive closet, Wendy has found a festive Halloween outfit to greet her trick or treaters with! Her dress is a black puffed sleeve dress but the excitement doesn’t stop there!  Bright orange rick rack trim sits along the edges of her collar and sleeves and gives the first pop of Halloween style! Black and white striped sleeves sneak down her arms and are trimmed with edges of orange. In her hair she wears a polka dotted ribbon that also accents her waistline. Her skirt is a dream with volume to the max created by orange tulle that shines. Atop her skirt are orange pumpkin appliques that even have little green stems that trail onto her waistline. Matching her sleeves are a pair of black and white striped tights that are also accented with orange along the ankles. A pair of black patent mary-janes finish off her outfit and her Halloween style!

Ready for her trick or treaters Wendy has a plate of candy apples to give as a treat, but who know’s what her trick might be…

Sweet as can be with Halloween style to spare, Halloween Trick or Treats Wendy is festive and the perfect way to welcome October and Halloween!


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